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I hope you enjoyed my last episode with Chris Thompson, the Principal at Ipsum Power on the key differences between the solar and storage markets.

Today is another Tactical Tuesday episode! This one is with Farid Dibachi, the Cofounder & CEO of JLM Energy.

I became aware of JLM at last year's SPI where I was on a mission to better understand the innovation coming to market for C&I storage applications. 

If you're unfamiliar with JLM, I want you to teleport yourself back (if you were in the industry back then) to 2006. It was the very dawn of what we now know was the largest residential and Utility installation boom in history, but at the time, systems were designed & installed very differently than they are today. In that day, when I sold my first solar project (a 3.2kW grid-tie system using Mitsubishi 190's), all residential installations still utilized string inverters and the very notion of having an inverter on the rooftop, providing energy conversion at the panel level, seemed still a pipe dream.  Yet, in 2006, a small Petaluma-based company was founded that would challenge the string-inverter status quo, and change the landscape of how residential installations would be done in a matter of less than 5 years. 

I think that is where we are right now with storage, particularly for C&I, and especially after I met JLM. As you'll hear Farid discuss, the storage industry is still a very bespoke, high-skill industry that is anything but construction-ready. 

At least, it was.

That's why I give JLM and Farid my own personal innovation award for best in show at last year's Solar Power International. I think what they're up to could change the face of how storage is installed, and by whom.  

Tune in Today as we Discuss Topics Such As:

  • Disrupting the Solar + Storage Form Factor 
  • How JLM's software helps the construction tradesman install a complex product, simply
  • How the Phazr product is the first solar panel-level energy storage device at scale


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