Host Nico Johnson and Nextracker COO, Marco Garcia, dive deep into Marco's global experience developing solar energy projects with Powerlight, SunPower, and now Nextracker as he has lived through multiple emerging market growth cycles.  Marco and his team have been present at the birth of most of today's largest solar market booms, and Latin America is no different.  We dig into exactly how they won some of the largest supply deals in the Latin America region, and what Marco has learned over the years about how to get in early and dominate a new market.

The depth of solar experience demonstrated in today's show is perfect for young developers and sales engineers who are eager to learn tips and tricks from an old pro.  From how to hit the ground running in a new country to key signs you're courting a winning prospect, Marco lays out some golden nuggets for the discerning listener.  Hope you get as much out of this as I did.


About the Author:
Nico Johnson is the creator and host of SunCast, a regular discussion with Solar Industry professionals who are focused on the Latin America solar market.  The content of the show is geared towards listeners looking for in-depth conversation on the trends in the market, how to position companies to win in Latin America, and what today's market leaders do to stay ahead of the pack.
Nico is a 10-year veteran of the solar industry, having led development in the US and Latin America for global companies like Trina Solar and Conergy.  His connection to the Latam market extends back to when he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala, and he is considered one of the market's leading experts on solar pv expansion in region.

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