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Welcome to Episode 153 of SunCast!

Opportunity Zones are all the buzz in investment circles, but few in the solar industry understand them or how they can be leveraged to finance deals. Jon Bonanno from New Energy Nexus has built an extensive repository of resources directed at helping you figure it out. We dive deep on the subject in today’s SunCast.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jon Bonanno, I encourage you to listen back a couple of weeks to Episodes 146 & 147 as he is my cohost for Impact Positive. He’s also a mentor, friend and savvy cleantech investor. Danny Kennedy at CalCEF believes so too and hired Jon to help build the New Energy Nexus. Not long ago, Jon explained to me what exactly he was working on, and I was left bewildered and befudled. I had to have him explain it to me again with the recorder going so I could avoid feeling silly for asking him to explain it another 5 times.

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Books Mentioned:

Winners Take All - Anand Giridharadas

This Changes Everything - Naomi Kline

About the Host of SunCast:

Nico Johnson is the creator and host of SunCast, a regular conversation with Solar Industry professionals who are leading in emerging solar markets. The content of the show is geared towards listeners looking for insights on where the markets are headed, how to position themselves or their companies, and what today's market leaders do to stay ahead of the pack.

Nico is a 10-year veteran of the solar industry, having led development in the US and Latin America for global companies like Trina Solar and Conergy.  He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala and is considered one of the market's leading experts on solar PV expansion in the region.

Nico can be reached on Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickalus