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Welcome to Episode 144 of SunCast!

Today’s entrepreneur just took a HUGE leap, literally taking her company with her. Tara Doyle and her solar lab tech nerds at PVEL sold their company, then-called PV Evolution Labs, to DNV-GL half a decade ago (you can hear more on that here).

In January, they spun it back out as a separate business retaining the PVEL brand. She’s a spitfire on a mission, and we talked so much that I couldn’t fit it into 1 episode. So, today is Part 1, and next week will be part 2 (on Tuesday). So keep an eye out.

Hope you’re having a phenomenal March. Surely you’re aware it’s Women’s History Month? I’m taking Tara’s advice and incorporating more female voices into SunCast, starting with hers!

Come along today to learn, How Tara started as an Admin at Powerlight (including the sheer “who luck” that got here the job) and how she parlayed that open door into a career and a glass-ceiling-busting epic journey.

And, next week we’ll have not two but Three episodes, as I’ll be introducing a new series called Impact Positive, the brainchild of my friend Jon Bonanno. First up in that series is Katherine Ryzhaya, so stay tuned.

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Resources from today’s episode:

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