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People feel like marketing is a pain. They think it’s time consuming, costly, and complicated, but the truth is, it doesn’t need to be. In fact it shouldn’t be at all. On this week’s episode, Mike Wolpert, founder of Social Jumpstart and life-long marketing vet, teaches us the 3 simple steps to marketing success:

  • Meet People
  • Talk to People
  • Sell Them Something

Easy as 1-2-3? Let’s dive a bit deeper and focus on number 1: Meet People. When it comes to building your solar business you have to broaden your audience and attract leads outside the scope of your social circle.  How do you do that?

Be An Expert.

You have to let people know what you do, and why you’re the most qualified to speak about it. It may seem rudimentary and obvious, but making the most of this simple step can mean the difference in meeting hundreds of people, or no one at all. One of the cornerstones of Mike’s marketing methodology is the Lead Magnet.

A Lead Magnet is anything of value (info PDF, Instructional Video, How-To Manual) you can offer in exchange for an email address. It is social proof that you are a useful local resource and an expert in your field.

Your Lead Magnet is NOT a quote. Keep in mind that most homeowners don’t know where to start. They’re trying to understand solar, they’re not ready to buy in yet, and that’s great! Because you have the information they need. You are educating potential customers who will respect your knowledge base and comeback to you in the future.

When you build a Lead Magnet, you are building permanent marketing assets that you can pull from for years to come. It may seem like you have to generate a lot of content on the front end, but in all actuality, you can get quite a bit of mileage from one PDF.

Take Mike’s suggestion of the Frequently Asked Question PDF.

  • Create a booklet answering the Top 5 Questions you get regarding solar.
  • Make it as locally specific as possible, catering to the residents in your area.
  • Add a picture of you, with your product.
  • End with a Call to Action: “Would you like to know more? Call 555-5555”

Now you have your first Lead Magnet. What’s even better? This can EASILY be turned in to multiple other Lead Magnets. Take those five questions and answer them in five individual videos, the end of which drives people back to the landing page on your website where they can download a PDF of the booklet.

A Lead Magnet is a simple effective tool, to spread knowledge while building your customer outreach base. What next? Check out Mike’s website www.solarmarketingguys.com to experience a Lead Magnet first hand.


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