Hey Solar Warrior, and Welcome to Episode Number 90 of SunCast. I'm your host, Nico Johnson, and I'm so glad to have you back. Every week, SunCast provides tomorrow's cleantech leaders with insight and ammunition to carry you through your daily battles.

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Today on SunCast, we are demonstrating the value of being engaged in the SunCast community. Tristan Erion-Lorico is a dedicated listener to the show, and this episode in part spawned from his reaching out to make some suggestions for improving the show. But more than that, he has a fantastic career story for those of you who might feel like you're not on the Jigar Shah or Dan Shugar trajectory. He's ascended to one of the top roles in his field, one where the majority of his peers have a PhD, and I think even many of his colleagues would be surprised to learn his formal education level. You see, it's not always about the degrees and titles. Tristan, like many of you, is an infinite learner, and he attributes that as one of his keys to growth and career success.  Along the way we discuss how having a family early in his life pushed this hustling kid-entrepreneur into the corporate world, and how his curious spirit and eagerness to grow has propelled him to be Head of the Solar Module Business Unit for one of the most recognized engineering firms in the solar industry, and arguably in the world - DNV GL.


Stay tuned as we discuss:

  • Keys to evaluating your module suppliers
  • Top contributors to solar module degradation
  • The missing link to BNEF's Tier 1 Module ratings
  • And Lessons from an overly ambitious corporate exit




Thanks again Solar Warrior, for setting aside THIS time in your day. Please enjoy this week’s episode of SunCast, with Tristan Erion-Lorico.


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More on the DNV GL Module Reliability scorecard:

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Nico Johnson is the creator and host of SunCast, a regular conversation with Solar Industry professionals who are leading in emerging solar markets. The content of the show is geared towards listeners looking for insights on where the markets are headed, how to position themselves or their companies, and what today's market leaders do to stay ahead of the pack.

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