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Today on SunCast, we continue to dive deep with Josh Weiner the CEO/Founder of SepiSolar, a SF Bay Area engineering services company that specializes in the integration of energy storage with solar.  

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Josh is the CEO/Founder of SepiSolar, a Bay Area engineering services company that has taken a long view on the integration of storage with solar.

Josh began his solar career at Akeena Solar, one of the leading turnkey residential and commercial solar contractors from 2002 to 2009. Shortly after joining the Akeena team in 2005, Joshua quickly took on a supervisory role within the company’s operations departments, opening several remote offices nation-wide and scaling the company’s staffing and infrastructure needs upon Akeena’s IPO filing.

SepiSolar have designed and been responsible for: 

1,000+ (5+ MW) residential systems  

200+ (50+ MW) commercial, industrial, agricultural systems 

12+ (70+ MW) utility-scale projects 

15+ (8+ MWh) utility-interactive energy storage systems

Josh was sincerely one of the most interesting and fun interviews I've done, and I hope you feel the same after today's discussion.

Tune in to Learn:

  • How a 7/11 in New York became the pivot point for the storage industry 

  • How a downed Boeing Dreamliner changed Josh's career trajectory

  • A clear case for including energy storage in the Investment Tax Credit 

  • One of the best answers to the Crystal Ball question in the history of SunCast, so be sure to stay to the very end! 


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