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Welcome to Episode 87 of Suncast!

Did you check out last weeks episode with Mike Silvestrini? If not, Listen to it here!

Today on SunCast, we're going to discuss with Rob Andrews how his Canadian startup, Heliolytics, is improving the way operating assets are managed and optimized for long-term yield.  

Hang tight as we explore: 

  • Why solar plant inspection matters and how it's been done historically 
  • How different aerial inspection methods compare 
  • Real data on solar site failure rates 
  • What Rob sees as the next frontier for solar assets

Rob is the CEO and co-founder of Heliolytics, a technology company developing advanced inspection tools for renewable energy facilities. 

Rob has a PhD in mechanical engineering focused on PV system modeling and performance analysis.

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Heliolytics spawned from a solar energy performance consulting firm he started in grad school in which he worked with solar energy clients globally to develop system monitoring and maintenance plans, optimize plant performance, and integrate new technologies. 


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Rob's Book Recommendations:

Enders Game by Orson Scott Card

Slide Rule by Nevel Shute

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About the Host of SunCast:

Nico Johnson is the creator and host of SunCast, a regular conversation with Solar Industry professionals who are leading in emerging solar markets. The content of the show is geared towards listeners looking for insights on where the markets are headed, how to position themselves or their companies, and what today's market leaders do to stay ahead of the pack.

Nico is a 10-year veteran of the solar industry, having led development in the US and Latin America for global companies like Trina Solar and Conergy.  He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala and is considered one of the market's leading experts on solar PV expansion in the region.

Nico can be reached on Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickalus