Welcome to Episode 84 of Suncast!

Did you check out last weeks episode with yours truly, me? If not, Listen to it here! I drill down on the ways that you have been losing in your negotiations, in business and life, and the subtle ways you can fix it, and stop missing out on the spoils of your labor. 

Today's episode is with my first 3-time returning guest, Jason Zook, a mentor and friend who I've learned from a ton over the last 3 years. He was most recently in Episode 79 talking about his entrepreneurial journey and creating profitable products that solve real-world problems. But I wanted to have him back one more time to discuss the remarkable ways he and his wife Caroline are very intentional in their philosophy of the notion of work-life balance, or as Jason calls it, Working to Live. 

Stay tuned to learn:

  • Jason's approach to work-life and framework for achieving balance 
  • What they do every Monday and Friday to lock in the rewards 
  • Jason's strategy for finding work he truly loves 
  • The new software tool they use to help balance their finances, budget, planning, and well…life. 

While Jason isn't a solar expert, I know that many of you out there on your solo entrepreneur path will truly appreciate the sage advice and wisdom he shares. And I also believe you'll want to check out his latest project with Caroline. They call it Wandering Aimfully, and as we teased in the last episode, it's finally launched and open to the public. 

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Next Tuesday I'll have a brief episode specifically dedicated to explaining what this upcoming launch is all about. But for now, I hope your life is enriched with yet another tactical and timely episode.

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Wondering Aimfully, Jason's New Venture

 The amazing Airtable (a mixture of project management software and spreadsheets)

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Nico Johnson is the creator and host of SunCast, a regular conversation with Solar Industry professionals who are leading in emerging solar markets. The content of the show is geared towards listeners looking for insights on where the markets are headed, how to position themselves or their companies, and what today's market leaders do to stay ahead of the pack.

Nico is a 10-year veteran of the solar industry, having led development in the US and Latin America for global companies like Trina Solar and Conergy.  He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala and is considered one of the market's leading experts on solar PV expansion in the region.

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