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Today we have another Tactical Tuesday, short-form conversations with subject-matter experts that give you practical tools for building your solar business or career. 

Josh Weiner is the CEO/Founder of SepiSolar, an SF Bay Area engineering services company that has taken a long view of the integration of storage with solar. He was notably one of the co-founders of another well-known storage company, Green Charge Networks.

Josh has gone on to develop grid-connected energy storage and micro-grid projects with NRG’s Station A team and NEXTracker’s integrated energy storage program, where Josh has played many roles in the development of energy storage products and services, including business, finance, policy, project, product, hardware, and software development.  

Tune-in as we discuss these topics: 

Today's discussion stems from an article (link above) that Josh recently wrote on evaluating the cost/kWh of an energy storage project, and the common pitfalls inherent in this analysis.  Josh has taken some potentially controversial positions on the future of energy storage, and we spend this time getting to the heart of how his team thinks about integrating solar into storage projects, and what technologies will win out in the long-run.

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