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Today on Suncast, we have another "Suncast Soundbyte" - brief morsels of sunlight to get you through the workweek. 

This time it truly IS soundbytes, though!  

You have told me over & over again that you love the Hot or Hype segment of the show, so we took some time to compile some of the more interesting answers to what I consider some of the more interesting questions. It started out in the first 25 or so episodes as a way to get a quick touch on which markets in Latam the guest and I believed were noteworthy - and it is remarkable how spot-on many of those predictions were. I'm not gonna cover the market predictions in this mashup episode, but I encourage you to go back and listen to episodes with Marco Garcia, Lamberto Camacho, Camilo Patrignani, Edgar Arvizu, Pablo Astorga, Jeff Atkins Jigar Shah and many others - their outlook on the markets is great insight - and their episodes are just chock full of lessons you can learn from. 

Today, I decided to focus on just 4 questions - it was actually harder than it might appear - what became apparent is that I actually DON't ask the same questions to every guest! 

These topics did come up several times, so today we'll hear snippets from Travis Simpkins(Ep 056), Stephen Lacey(Ep 028), Suvi Sharma(Ep 063) and Jing Tian(Ep 041) with their thoughts on Blockchain, The Electrification of the Automobile Industry, Distributed Storage & A Nationwide Carbon Tax

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