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Welcome to Tactical Tuesdays, a weekly short-form conversation with subject-matter experts to give you the edge in building your solar business and brand. 

This week, I want to highlight a clip from one of our somewhat recent episodes - consider this an In Case You Missed It episode. In Episode 59, Mike Grunow and I discussed an awful lot of excellent topics around the ins and outs of developing and even selling energy storage products. But it was his answer to one question in particular that set the stage for this Tactical Tuesday. Mike is the VP of Marketing for Vizn Energy, a Flow Battery manufacturer.  

I consider Mike one of my go-to experts when I need to really get a level-set on the value proposition of selling either a specific product or into a particular market, vertical, etc. His years at GE, Trina Solar, and numerous startups have honed his ability to craft the story and understand all the variables for bringing a technology to market. 

Mike is more than a marketing genius. He's completely consumed with and dedicated to the idea of moving our world towards a carbon-free grid. And I believe you are going to love hearing the passion in today's show. 

Tune-in today as we discuss:

  • Why is Lithium Ion the dominant technology, and will that continue? 

  • What is a flow battery, and how are these two different/similar? 

  • The 3 critical things to understand about batteries: Duty Cycle, Cooling Cycle, and Electrodegredation 

  • The difference between Power & Energy 

  • How batteries can actually help a customer take advantage of these so-called ancillary services 

Did you enjoy this snippet of my interview with Mike? If so, here's the full interview from Episode 59!  And you can check out the blog for even more links, resources and that funny "Happy Fun Ball" video Mike talks about.

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