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Mark McLanahan, CEO MaxGen Energy Services

Mark McLanahan, CEO MaxGen Energy Services

On today's episode of SunCast, we're going to continue the theme of Asset Management & O&M by hopping into my time machine and teleporting back to SPI 2017 again. I had the chance there to sit down with my friend Mark McLanahan, CEO of MaxGen Energy Services.

Tune in Today as we Discuss Topics Such As:

  • How Mark combined his personal passion with his work ethic & skills to help kick off the modern age of large-scale solar development.
  • How Mark turned around the Global Services team at SunEdison.
  • The evolution of MaxGen Energy Services to become the number 1 independent O&M service provider in N. America.
  • How AI and Machine Learning are being integrated into O&M

Links & Resources:

Follow Mark & MaxGen on LinkedIn & Twitter.

And, of course, learn more on MaxGen Here.

Read this interesting SolarBuilder article about how they've grown MaxGen Energy Services, to become the No.1 independent O&M service provider in North America / U.S., and the No. 2 O&M service provider globally (according to the GTM Research and SOLICHAMBA report, “Global Solar PV O&M 2017-2022; Markets, Services and Competitors.”)

Learn how Mark grew the ROC of SunEdison from <1GW to >6GW from 2012 to 2014

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Nico is a 10-year veteran of the solar industry, having led development in the US and Latin America for global companies like Trina Solar and Conergy.  He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala and is considered one of the market's leading experts on solar PV expansion in the region.

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