"Venture firms love to hire CEOs who have steered their firms to successful exits and Shugar fits the bill. He is a solar success story.” - Eric Wesoff, Editor-in-chief, GTM


Today is the much-anticipated Part 2 of Episode 39 with Dan Shugar!

As mentioned in the Wesoff quote above, Dan Shugar is emblematic of solar success. As founder and CEO, Dan Shugar helped build NEXTracker into one of the fastest growing cleantech companies in the U.S. Dan was responsible for spinning NEXTracker out of Solaria Corp. where he also served as CEO, and then merging with FLEX almost 2 years ago. Nextracker has since become the largest tracker company in the world by volume shipped and shows no signs of slowing down.  If you listened to Episode 39, then you are more familiar with Dan's backstory and his fabled roles in building some of today's iconic and staple brands in the solar industry, like Powerlight and SunPower's Systems group (post-Powerlight acquisition).  It's true that "The Shug" has been involved in some of the most momentous growth and business building the solar industry has witnessed, and I wanted to know more about what has driven that success. Please be sure to listen to Episode 39! if you haven't already, as it will give you a good context and IS the first part of this interview.  In it, we go into detail about Dan's early career in PG&E, then helping form and grown Powerlight, as well as Dan's insights into growing sustainable and high-achieving organizations.  And we dabble a bit in his personal interests and gain insight into generally what makes him tick.  This follow-on episode is a continuation of the conversation, where I try to get back to some of my traditional SunCast questions.

Tune in today as we discuss:

  • The similar evolution of the Auto and Solar industries.
  • The Best Advice Dan has been given by his Mentors.
  • Advice to budding Entrepreneurs.
  • The book Dan has given away the most.
  • What's in Dan's crystal ball?

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Links & Resources:

Follow Dan on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn

Email Nextracker's head of communications: Kristan Kirsh

Books Mentioned:

The Wilderness World of John Muir, John Muir / Edwin Way Teale (Editor)

And, what I'm reading this week:

Perennial Seller, Ryan Holiday


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