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Welcome to Episode 55 of SunCast!

There's an aweful lot happening in new projects in the US and Latin America lately, despite the fluctuations of economy and the pending trade case!  Did you see the latest Argentina Renovar 2.0 bids were received last week?  The ministry received a total of 228 offers, more than 9.5GW in potential projects latest auction that it estimates will bring US$11bn in investment to the sector, in wind, solar, biomass, biogas, small-scale hydroelectric and landfill biogas projects. And with the Chile PMGD market heating up, and the latest Mexico Energy Auction set to be held in November, there are going to be a ton more projects going in the ground. And all those projects mean operating assets that have to be managed!

So today I thought I'd bring in an expert on Asset Management to better understand what exactly is happening once the plant is turned on an operating.  Many of us don't really have a glimpse into this side of the plant, as we're focused on the upfront sales, marketing, and installation aspect, but with over 300GW in global operational assets being managed, one asks, Who is handling all that data, contracts and compliance?  Tune in today as we discuss this and more with today's guest, Edmee Kelsey, founder, and CEO of 3Megawatt. 3MW is the industry leader today in solar asset management software, with >16GW of assets on their platform, so I sat down with Edmee to get a bit better insight into the topic. Hope you enjoy it!A quick reminder to check out the webinar series 5to50: The Secret Formula to Conversion, being hosted by SunCast, SolarLeadFactory & SolarEdge - This is webinar number 2 of 3, building on what we presented on Oct 13th all about Lead Generation.ou're interested in tips on how to prepare for massive growth in your solar business go to www.mysuncast.com/webinar to register for the upcoming webinar happening Friday,  November 3rd.

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Thanks again for setting aside THIS time in your day.  Enjoy this week’s episode of SunCast, with Edmee Kelsey.