Welcome to Tactical Tuesdays, a weekly short-form conversation with subject-matter experts to give you the edge in building your solar business and brand.

This week, we welcome Mika Nuotio of Empower Micro Systems.

Mika and I discuss:

  • The nature of how power electronics sector works and implication for solar industry, inverters, etc.
  • What changes in UL and NEC standards are driving inverter and module electronics architecture evolution?
  • How is safety in power electronics evolving?
  • What is UL 1741, how has it evolved and what implications are there for solar technology development? When is compliance required?
  • What is Rule 21
  • Is the US leading or lagging in terms of grid integration and control standards?
  • What is Low-voltage ride-through and why is it important?
  • What is Reactive power?
  • What is NEC 680.2 & The background behind Rapid-shutdown
  • And who is really driving this regulation, and when is compliance required?

Mika really breaks things down to very specific details, but I think he manages to keep it approachable by the layman, which appreciate.

So Tune in, and Tune-up your skills.

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