"When you have self-care, then you feel better about yourself, which is a challenge when you're traveling on the road."

That's how Jing Tian answered the question "what one thing do you do consistently that yields the greatest results", which I always ask guests on SunCast. 

I followed it up with "Do you have that conversation with your team?"

"No, no I haven't, yeah, that's a good question."

In so many cases over the course of producing my podcast, SunCast, I've come across powerful and influential leaders who have their own private habits they attribute to their success when implemented consistently over time.  This was the first time it occurred to me to drill down to whether they actually share this often private and perhaps vulnerable aspect of their own view on success and work-life balance. It was insightful for me, and I hope it was as well for Jing, that many leaders tend not to share their own practices with their team - I wish more would.

I feel the solar industry is finally maturing.  From SunRun to SEIA and all across the solar industry, we're seeing the powerful influence of visionary female leaders rising to the top of what was once a predominantly male-centric industry, certainly in the C-Suite.  This is very encouraging, not just from the perspective of gender-equity, but also in leadership style. I am eager to see how the influence and emotional intelligence of today's women leaders will help reshape the culture of the solar workforce, from partnerships and negotiation strategies to career development.

Jing Tian is a seasoned executive with a unique blend of technical savvy and strong leadership in bringing products to market. From marketing to product development, engineering management to reliability and quality testing, there isn't much she hasn't experienced. She's consistently positioned her companies at the forefront of energy disruption as a scientist interested in creating useful and cost-effective products that help solve climate change. And she's recently taken the mantle of President of N. America for Trina Solar.

Today we'll take a pause in the Solar Pioneers series to chat with a friend who has done some pioneering work in solar R&D and in setting the bar for Women in Solar. I had the privilege to work with Jing when she first got to Trina Solar in 2014, and have been impressed from day one.  She was recently promoted as President of Trina's North America business unit. And I think that you'll understand after today's episode exactly why she has been able to achieve the great heights she presently enjoys. In today's episode, we get into detail about:

  • Jing's journey through various startup failures to arrive at now the top regional position for one of the largest and most respected Solar manufacturers in the world.
  • The contrast of working at solar startups in thin film and CPV versus one of the largest crystalline module manufacturers
  • Jing's approach to new product introduction
  • Her thoughts on career development, especially as a woman in a mostly male industry
  • Of course we play hot or Not
  • And I get Jing to dispel some wisdom learned from her viewpoint at the top of the foodchain, as well as books and other ways she keeps her mind sharp to run a global organization

Resources from today's Show:

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Books Mentioned:

How to Create a Mind  - Ray Kurzweil

Jing's one consistent habit for success:

Exercise - running every morning at 6am!

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