Listen to the announcement we made on SunCast if you’re unclear what the Podcast Lounge is, then read on!




the newest media venue for north America Smart Energy Week

partners & podcaster’s encouraged to apply!

Sponsor a session or a day?

Double your impact! Already have a booth at SPI? The Lounge is a great place to expand your coverage in a unique way!

Podcasts are the fastest growing medium of storytelling, news and entertainment in the world today. And the Podcast Lounge allows you to partner and position your brand alongside cutting edge conversation, thought leadership and technology expertise in this hot new format.

If you’re interested in being a sponsor, please fill out an application and we will send you a media kit to consider the options available.

podcasters unite!

The podcasters lounge will bring together the education team of NASEW and the industry’s booming podcast community to highlight the best happening at the tradeshow and in the business.

Podcasters with an established show are invited to apply for a spot at the Podcaster lounge. There will be limited spaces available all 3 days, and we will be opening up the program to the podcast community to host live interviews

Apply below for your spot!

Broadcast from NASEW 2019 in front of a live audience at the Podcast Lounge, presented by SunCast Media.
Apply to bring your podcast audience along with you to Solar Power International!

Open to all badgeholders, the first annual NASEW Podcast Lounge will host up to 36 podcast events covering all facets of the solar, storage, energy transition and climate change sectors. All genres are encouraged to apply. There is no submission fee, and the stage, soundboard, mics, production, and staffing will all be free of charge.

Position your podcast in front of a new, diverse audience including some of the industry’s top experts, influencers, creatives, professionals, and beyond.

2017 SXSW “My Wife Hates Me” Podcast Recording – Photo by Mindy Tucker

2017 SXSW “My Wife Hates Me” Podcast Recording – Photo by Mindy Tucker


To recommend a session or to apply to have YOUR podcast featured at the Podcast Lounge, please fill out this application, and we’ll be in touch to discuss options.


(Acceptance to participate is solely at the discretion of the NASEW staff and subject to availability and fit of your proposed session with the overall podcast lounge program.)

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