Commercial Solar Finance

Dustin Keele

manages commercial solar finance partnerships for SunCast.

He is responsible for arranging sponsorship, commercial partnerships and certain finance-related episode content.  Dustin will be contributing to our Q4 2017 Commercial Solar Finance series, which will be found here as well as on our main blog page.

Dustin brings proven expertise in developing and financing distributed solar photovoltaics. He served as Executive Vice President of Photon Energy Services a specialty solar finance company he co-founded in 2006 to create the financial technology needed to deploy cost-effective renewable energy power plants in the U.S. His work on financial and rate analysis models enabled Photon to generate more than $40 MM in solar funding. Dustin also served as an advisor to the California Energy Commission , and on the Finance Committee for SolarTech, an industry consortium responsible for creating standardized solar documentation and permitting processes. 













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