Episode 010 & 11: Karin Berardo on learning the language of finance

This is a 2-part episode of SunCast featuring Karin Berardo of M+W Group.  Karin has been a pioneer in a number of ways in the solar industry, being involved in what was one of the first companies in the US to finance large-scale solar using a Power Purchase Agreement.  She's now heading up international expansion for M+W and we cover her broad-ranging experience from Brazil to Mexico as well as what it takes to finance a solar project today.


Episode 009: Microgrids are the future

This episode of SunCast features Pablo Astorga of ABB.  We talk about the definition of 'microgrid', where they are beginning to gain traction, projections for the global microgrid market growth and more.  Pablo has nearly a decade working at ABB, and is leading the effort to address what many expect to be the future of energy deployment, and what is often at the bleeding edge of technology development.



Episode 008: Your Network is your Net Worth

This episode of SunCast features Jeff Atkin of Foley & Lardner.  Jeff has grown the Foley renewable energy practice to be one of the most successful and recognized in the US, and is quickly gaining that title in Latin America as well, displaying why he is one of the industry's top 40 under 40.  Join Nico as he invites Jeff to share all the secrets to winning the hearts and minds of the region's oligarchies.



Episode 007: Solo Round w/Host Nico Johnson

This episode of SunCast has host Nico Johnson sharing some of his tips for being (or finding) the right local partner to attract project or regional investment.  We also provide a recap of the last 6 episodes so far (sans the Bonus Episode you can find below), and Nico talks a bit about what he's been reading and what's influencing his daily development.  



Episode 006: How to pivot from product to projects

This episode of SunCast features Lamberto Camacho of SolaireDirect.  Lamberto has done product and project sales on 3 continents with over 200MW to his credit, and counting.  Join Nico to peer inside the mind of a developer who's influenced regulatory markets in Africa and Latin America, and is winning on a large scale.



BONUS EPISODE: Live from LACSA event at Solar Power Int'l 2015

This episode of SunCast is a Web-only exclusive live recording of the Latin America and Caribbean Solar Alliance launch event from Solar Power International 2015 in Anaheim, CA.  The event was hosted by Nico Johnson, and Adam James with guests Marco Krapels of SolarCity and Farooq Malik of North America Development Bank. 



Episode 005: October Q&A w/Host Nico Johnson

This episode of SunCast has host Nico Johnson addressing some of the questions received from the audience over the past few weeks.  We discuss Spanish Episodes, Conferences to attend, Project developer skills, the Latin America & Caribbean Solar Alliance, and introduce a Bonus Episode recording from Solar Power International 2015.  



Episode 004: Solar tenders, Storage, and the perspectives of an IPP

This episode of SunCast features Edgar Arvizu, of Sustainable Power (sPower).   Edgar has been involved in some of the pioneering projects in the region from Puerto Rico to Peru, and in today's episode we peek inside how he sees the rising solar market in Latin America.



Episode 003: When will solar energy be FREE?

This episode of SunCast features Camilo Patrignani of Greenwood Energy.  Greenwood has had several firsts in Latam, and in today's conversation we dig into the details of what a market leader looks for in local partners, and where he's looking next.




Episode 002: Anatomy of a winning market entry strategy

This episode of SunCast features Marco Garcia, COO of Nextracker, as he breaks down the ins and outs of market and prospect analysis based on years of global experience.



Episode 001:  LatAm Solar Update October 2015

This inaugural episode of Suncast features Adam James, Sr. Research Analyst for Greentech Media Research.  Adam has become known for his Latam PV Playbook, and in this episode it's clear to see why he's a respected authority on the subject.





Episode 000:  About SunCast

This is the "About Me" episode of Suncast; it's the description of who we are and why you should keep coming back each week.