Latam Founders Series

A collaboration with Enphase Energy

For the last year, Luis Morales (of Enphase) and I have been in discussions about an idea that is now bearing fruit in the form of this special Series of interviews we're calling the "Latam Founders Series".  Over a period of about 6 months, I had the pleasure of meeting with or interviewing some of the Enphase customers who are breaking new ground and growing quickly, not only in their own countries but in the Latam Region; and, have taken often unconventional and innovative approaches to both technology and financing to do so.

The thesis of the series is this: If you're building a business you're a maverick. If that business is in the growing but still extremely small niche of solar power, in Latin America, and beyond that, you've done in-depth analysis of cutting-edge technology like Enphase sufficient to standardize (and scale) around it as you grow, there's a chance you have an interesting story to tell.

NB: A portion of these episodes will be completely in Spanish, and will be noted with [ES] in the title. Yes, we're proud to be FINALLY releasing content to the SunCast audience in Spanish.

Episode 016 of SunCast is the Preamble
It's a conversation with Luis Morales discussing why we are collaborating in this way.

Episode 1 of the Series is Episode 017 of SunCast
We meet Jose Zambrano, CEO of Galt Energy, one of the fastest-growing companies in the HOT Mexico solar market.

Episode 2 of the Series is Episode 020 of SunCast [ES}
We meet Julian Willenbrock, CEO of Enlight, a VC-backed Mexican solar startup with an interesting history and track record. This episode is in Spanish.

Episode 3 of the Series is Episode 021 of SunCast
We meet Jake Hoppe, former business developer at Enphase Energy, and hands-down one of the smartest people we've met on the topic of valuing solar and optimizing the O&M value proposition!

Episode 4 of the Series is Episode 022 of SunCast [ES]
We meet Maximo Torres & Jonattan Martir of Maximo Solar. They've created the top-ranked solar installation company in Puerto Rico, and along the way have created an infectious corporate culture many others should emulate. This episode is in Spanish.

Episode 5 of the Series is Episode 024 of SunCast [ES]
Arturo Duhart of Exel Solar. This episode is in Spanish.

Episode 6 of the Series is Episode 026 of SunCast [ES]
Gabriel Perez and Hector Pomales of Ecopartners in Puerto Rico. This episode is in Spanish.

Episode 7 of the Series is Episode 027 of SunCast
Juan Carlos Navarro of N-Solar in Panama.

Thanks for your interest!  Click below to go to the show's blog page, where we have even more information on each episode. Enjoy!